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Meet Dr. Catherine Pinkard

Entrepreneur, author,

mom and motivational speaker

Dr. Catherine Pinkard holds a PhD in Clinical and Christian counseling.  She is also a certified Chaplain.  She has been in practice since 2007.  She is an ordained minister and has been walking with the Lord for close to 25 years.  She has a heart for the lost and to see God's people healed and set free from the generational curses and the deception of this world.

Heart of the Matter

"Let US help YOU get to the Heart of the Matter!"

'Brothers abe 

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Dr. Catherine Pinkard is truly dedicated to seeing lives changed.

Dr. Catherine Pinkard uses a tried and true research based approach to helping God's people. 

Dr. Catherine Pinkard is the real deal.


for Daily Tips 

Brothers and Sisters United for Change assists those in need with food, clothing, shelter, prayer, ministry, and other basic needs.  Your donation is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

All book prices are for digital downloads.  For paperback version, please visit after July 1st, 2020.  Thank you.





The Walking Wounded was birthed to illuminate the extent of destruction brought about by verbal and emotional abuse leaves no outward scars, millions of people in society walk around with internal wounds that are in need of healing.


Everyday Miracles is a powerful illustration of God's miracle working power in the Earth realm.

I Don't Look Like Everything That I've Been Through!


I Don't Look Like What I've Been Through is a riveting autobiographical account of how I overcame inconceivable challenging adversity through the power of Almighty God.


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